ey I hope you like men in skirts

The art blog of an idiot usually known as Karen. Sometimes I just draw guys in girl school unis' for no reason. Expect mostly OC's, and tales of, Bravley default, Persona, Knk and Nis fanart. If you have any questions about commissions or art the askbox is open so go right ahead!



Look at this small dumb oc i made

my arms are in so much pain right now

so tired very pain drew dumb thing

sometimes i remember i have trash UTAU

Finally finished this thing. i recommend opening image in new tab to view fullsize as it is pixel art and wont look good if it isn’t original res.

included transparent version because my attempt at a bg is horrible haha. but at least i tried. He’s supposed to be in a desert

drew  a thing

ill probably color it maybe

this is suffering.

is it acceptable to just recolor the important characters and use those for bg characters because i am so not skilled in this.

the shading in the third one bothers me but im really to lazy to gif it again to show the fix

tiny little sprite i made for this dumb game i might not ever make public.

the proportions are similar to the default sprites but everything else was redone.

mainly uploading bc my friend is a lazy moldy potato and wont download it and open it in browser

character… portaits? maybe

the flowers are really just there to fill space and because god i need to practice drawing flowers

I’ve only drawn ocs lately but anyway heres a redraw of an old scribble i found.

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