ey I hope you like men in skirts

The art blog of an idiot usually known as Karen. Sometimes I just draw guys in girl school unis' for no reason. Expect mostly OC's, and tales of, Bravley default, Persona, Knk and Nis fanart. If you have any questions about commissions or art the askbox is open so go right ahead!


and now im sleep because dont wanna stress arm

by the way i made this new oc for the oc meme thing eri is also for

hes an angel and he is also a trouble making weirdo

all of these look bad because i made him after the extreme arm pain started

 I found this and apparently never uploaded it. so here take this thing.

I dont remember what i was gonna do with the BG

haloween takoyaki.

i forgot how to draw legs.

Ill color it if i ever fix the legs

remaking because new prices and ref images but copy pasting from other one:

You can add a bg to any for 2$ but the 10$ one is 10$ bg or no because the coloring is hard on my arm
There is no Discount for extra characters unless you get the 10$ one then it will be +6 for an extra instead of +10.

How to commission: contact me either via tumblr(if i dont reply within 24hr send it again) or one of my contacts listed at the bottom of this page, Tell me which character you want (you absolutly must have a ref image and a basic personality to give me) and tell me how big you want the canvas size and what type of coloring. (and if you want a specific pose that too.) (default size is 1000x1000)

I can only accept payment via paypal(or mabinogi/playstation store currency codes). I will ask for payment either after i show a messy sketch of the pose, or after i finish it but before i show you the final product. you may ask for a different pose during the sketch stage but no changes will be made after. 

on a side note : If the ref image or personality you give me is not up to date I will not redo it if its incorrect. you are responsible for the refs and getting the personality (of ocs) across to me correctly.

ALSO ADDING if you want a set of 6 you can get 6 for the price of 5

behold the small cute and dangerous

a thing

i needed to draw a good ref of his face for something.

I decided that his eyes emit a soft glow

this stupid oc is to cute in 3D im dead rip goodby e

new vocaloid coming this fall


its so late what am i doing

look at my stupid fish alien man without the robe covering his body.

his skin is black and green isnt he cute

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