ey I hope you like men in skirts

The art blog of an idiot usually known as Karen. Sometimes I just draw guys in girl school unis' for no reason. Expect mostly OC's, and tales of, Bravley default, Persona, Knk and Nis fanart. If you have any questions about commissions or art the askbox is open so go right ahead!

sO…lime managed to get me to watch Hamatora and I ended up drawing this
im not offering any explanation.

an art dump of questionable eriri drawings. (they arent related in any way this time)

theese would probably be more amusing with the reaction images but since I havent’ drawn anything else I gotta prove im not dead.

commissions for axleheart.

juno and danette from soul nomad

flannery from pokemon

and an oc.

I’m still willing to do the 5$ each sale but im not sure how much longer.

out of context doodle collection of this lil shit. the 4 that seem to somehow relate actualyl do exept its missing the reaction images my friend drew so it probably makes no sense.

mostly because I have not been posting nearly enough art lately and thats no good.

taking a small break from the commissions since apparently im tired enough to pass out??? anyway i designed a character on the spot i dont really know what im gonna do with him.

Commission 1. sweets-parade oc.

so much cute your eyes will burn.

i was just trying to get back into drawing but anyway heres an oc ill probably never draw again.

thinking of taking discount commissions this style for 5$ for a week because money is needed.

full res transparent versions of the 2 tales emofuri psds i made for all before i leave for metrocon

not because i wanted to save leon to my phone or anything nope

this is specificly for lime

ive not played a moment of destiny but im hugely baised to him now.

i dont know if any of these fit his emotions but again iv’e not seen a moment of gameplay

heres a chloe. not quite satisfied with the hats motions and i dont feel like adding the back cape.

this time im rlly done till after the con. probably… unless i have alot of time tomorrow…..

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