ey I hope you like men in skirts

The art blog of an idiot usually known as Karen. Sometimes I just draw guys in girl school unis' for no reason. Expect mostly OC's, and tales of, Bravley default, Persona, Knk and Nis fanart. If you have any questions about commissions or art the askbox is open so go right ahead!

character… portaits? maybe

the flowers are really just there to fill space and because god i need to practice drawing flowers

I’ve only drawn ocs lately but anyway heres a redraw of an old scribble i found.

okay here we go again. because i’ve discovered this hella cute style and  have decided to attempt to be financially independent from my mom one step at a time, I’m going discount commissions again!!

This sale will end one month from now (on  september 10th) unless i get to many and or life gets in the way. the usual price will go up to 8-10 dollars after that.

The only difference between 3 or 5 dollar ones is if unlike these here, you want non-cell shading. there is no discount for extra characters however I will do them (so 2 interacting characters is 6/10)

How to commission: contact me either via tumblr(if i dont reply within 24hr send it again) or one of my contacts listed at the bottom of this page, Tell me which character you want (you absolutly must have a ref image and a basic personality to give me) and tell me how big you want the canvas size and what type of coloring. (and if you want a specific pose that too.)

I can only accept payment via paypal. I will ask for payment either after i show a messy sketch of the pose, or after i finish it but before i show you the final product. you may ask for a different pose during the sketch stage but no changes will be made after. (see the bottom for more details concerning ocs)

on a side note : If the ref image or personality you give me is not up to date I will not redo it if its incorrect. you are responsible for the refs and getting the personality (of ocs) across to me correctly. I’m not getting paid enough for redos on discounts. 

also with this the other sale is officially done and i will not take anymore for it.

tiny lil tales chibis i drew for people. gonna take commissions for these for lek 3-5 dollars soooon

many small keis and eris.

this is my tumblr bg now for my main blog.

anotheer art dump of this shit


the tiniest gay kids imaginable.

I might touch up a few but im gonna color them tomorrow and probably use it as my tumblr background. also considering opening temporary discount commissions for this style

its 7am and i’ve been drawing tiny eris.

im gonna make 4 more and make it my tumblr bg probably.

in other knews I might stick to this style for chibis i like it.

My little sister saw your artwork on my screen and really took a real liking to it. "It's very pretty" she said ~



I dont even know what to say oh my god thats so nice im gonna c r y.

sO…lime managed to get me to watch Hamatora and I ended up drawing this
im not offering any explanation.

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